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Thinking of our servicemen at Christmas

Justin Dorsey Plumbing honors its two veteran staff members

It’s the week before Christmas, and, even though Veteran’s Day was technically observed last month, we think it’s a great time of year to acknowledge our veterans and honor them for the sacrifices they’ve made in serving their country.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 18.5 million veterans in the United States in 2016. Justin Dorsey Plumbing is honored to currently have two veterans of the United States Army on its very own staff — Ron Irelan and Ben Personett.

If you caught last month’s blog, featuring an interview with company owner Justin Dorsey, you’ll remember that Justin’s dad was in the U.S. Air Force when he moved the Dorsey family to a farm here in Danville, Ind.

Having a dad in the military has given him a healthy respect for veterans and the value they bring to workplaces today.

“Veterans understand commitment,” Justin says. “They’re also community-minded and trustworthy. Ron and Ben are great examples of that. Ben is one of our newest employees, and he’s a very personable young man. Ron is a great problem-solver.”

Thank you, Ron and Ben, for your dedicated service and bringing that work ethic to the Justin Dorsey Plumbing team! And to all other veterans or servicemen currently serving our country — especially those having to spend the holidays away from your families — we extend our deepest gratitude.

When the drain clogs…


If you have a clogged drain, sink, or toilet, that cannot be worked free with a plunger, then call one of the guys at Justin Dorsey Plumbing.


At JDP, we have a bevy of tools that can help fix your problem. Our techs can run a mechanical snake through your drain to unclog it. It’s best if you have a cleanout, or alternative access point, to your main drain line. We can install those too.


We can also send a jet-pressured stream of warm water down the drain line to loosen a clog.


If that doesn’t work, we can run a camera down the line to see the nature of the clog. During the drought a few years ago, trees and other shrubbery were literally dying of thirst. Clay tile is no match for the roots of a thirsty tree. If roots are you problem, we have a treatment that can clear your line that is much cheaper than digging it up and replacing pipe.


Drains get clogged from time to time. However, it is not recommended to pour drain cleaner down your drain. This could damage your pipes and make it dangerous for our techs to work with mechanical solutions. The caustic liquid just lies in front of the clog while our snake is trying to get to the clog. Often times this can lead to a real mess.


Next time you have a drain clog, call the professionals at Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Call Today, Fixed Today, is our motto. Call (888)242-2937 and discover the pride of professionals.


Why you need a service plan

Seems like everyone and their brother wants to sell you an extended warranty. Most consumer websites advise against this. But what about service plans? What are the benefits to getting a service plan for the largest financial investment of your life?
Here are a few things to consider.ID-100228284
Maintenance is a key component in taking care of your home. Consider that you take your car to regularly get the oil changed and a rare tune-up. Your home mechanical systems need the same level of care. Regular checking can extend the life of your plumbing system.
Having a Justin Dorsey Plumbing professional check out your system, they can spot problems i.e. a leak that can result in costly repairs and/or higher energy bills.
During our annual inspection plan, our friendly technicians will

  • Check all supply connections to each fixture
  • Inspect and set water heater temperature
  • Examine flue gas expulsion
  • Check and clean burner box of the gas water heater
  • Basement sump pump test
  • Inspect toilets for leakage, flapper, and fill pump
  • Check inside faucets for leakage, lime build up, aerators
  • Outside faucet inspection, freeze, hose hook ups
  • Inspect drainage system
  • Inspect water filtration or conditioner
  • Plus much more

Plus, if you become one of our preferred customers, you can earn a 12 percent discount on all labor for any future repairs. Then you can be moved to the front of the line when an emergency occurs.

Talk to your technician, today about the Justin Dorsey Plumbing Service Plan and becoming a preferred customer and enjoy the peace of mind when it comes to your whole house mechanical systems.

Vacation: Water on or off? These tips can help







From a customer:

I am a long time customer with a question; When leaving for vacation should I turn off electric power supply for the well water pump, electric water heater, and turn off the valve for the main house water supply?

Thank you in advance.




Justin Dorsey reply:

Those are good questions.

There is no standard answer on this, as often, it depends on how long you are going to be gone, as well as possible weather conditions while gone.

Here is a way to look at it:

If you are going to be out less than a month, do not do anything, leave everything in normal service.  The reason is that when going through the shut down procedures and restart,  component failure can occur.  That would cost more to repair than the cost of operation for a month.  Simply turn the thermostat down on the water heater and the water conditioner into a vacation mode.

If gone more than a month, you might consider, turning power to the water heater off

If there is no vacation mode on water conditioning, unplug it and adjust to bypass. Turn power off to the pump and drain pressure to 0#psi.

Of course, when returning home you will have to remember everything needs to be put back into service. When you do, please remember this:

Do not turn water heater power on without first filling with water or you will burn out elements. 

This is not a exhaustive list, but just some ideas.  Hopefully this will help.


Justin Dorsey